FITOPLANCTON MARINO is a company engaged in the production of premium quality microalgae with a high value added which satisfies the market needs of the aquaculture, aquarium keeping and cosmetic sectors. Furthermore, the company provides products for human consumption, guaranteeing the highest standards in terms of quality and experience.

Truly believing in the work it carries out, the Management of FITOPLANCTON MARINO is clearly committed to producing healthy and safe products. Therefore, it implements a policy of continuously improving the efficiency of its management system and of complying with all the relevant legal and reglamentary requirements as well as those established internally.

The Management of FITOPLANCTON MARINO expresses its commitment to Food Quality and Safety through this Quality Policy and undertakes to ensure that the policy is communicated to all levels of the company and that the resources necessary to fulfil it are provided.

FITOPLANCTON MARINO stands out from its competitors due to the natural quality of its products and its innovation in the knowledge of the requirements for marketing microalgae, with a commitment to offering maximum quality, safety and hygiene in its products and ensuring food safety.

The basic principles of the FITOPLANCTON MARINO’s Quality Policy are as follows:
– To sell products that are safe for the consumer, scrupulously complying with the food codes in force and the relevant sanitary standards.
– To identify the needs and expectations of our clients, ensuring their complete satisfaction and guaranteeing maximum quality and safety in our products.
– To create differentiating elements in our products with respect to those of our competitors based on Quality and the highly professional handling of the resources and products.
– To improve the internal operating aspects seeking efficiency and effectiveness in the processes.
– To develop stable relationships with suppliers and subcontractors which will give rise to a product that is standardised in terms of quality in order to increase customer satisfaction.
– To ensure decent working conditions which foster the safety, occupational health, satisfaction and human and professional development of our employees and collaborators.
– To respect the environment, avoiding wherever possible any type of pollution, minimising the generation of waste and rationalising the use of natural and energy resources.
– To comply with all the laws, regulations and norms in the countries in which our products are marketed, avoiding any form of corruption, extortion and bribery and fulfilling the legitimate contracts and commitments undertaken.

The Management is committed to ensuring that ALL THE OPERATING UNITS of the organisation contribute to fulfilling the Quality Policy by taking the necessary measures on their part and has assigned the Quality Manager the full authority to manage the Quality System, supported by annual targets.

El Puerto de Santa María, 17 September 2014.
The Management.