plancton technique

Plancton spherification

Plancton spherification is a perfect complement to bring sea flavor to your dishes in a fun and tasty way.

Preparation time: 15 min + 12 h. repose

Medium dificulty



For the spherical plancton

    • 106 g  mineral water
    • 14 g plancton
    • 2,4 g salt
    • 3 g de gluco
    • 0,4 g de xantana

For the bathroom

      • 500 g water
      • 2,5 g alginato

Step by step preparation

      1. Mix with the mixer all the ingredients for the spherical until everything is well diluted, cover and let stand 12 hours.
      2. On the other hand, for the bath, with the aid of a blender, mix the water together with the alginate, cover and let stand for 12 hours.
      3. With a teaspoon take portions of the spherical mixture and drop on the alginate bath, move with the perforated teaspoon and leave a few minutes depending on the size of the sphere. Introduce in a mineral water bath and wash.

Plancton technique Plancton technique Plancton technique


You can substitute water with other ingredients such as broths, creams, etc. But in this case the proportions of the rest of the ingredients should be changed.

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