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Squid Risotto

It consists of adding plancton to enhance the flavor of a food at the last moment of the preparation, or out of the fire to try to conserve all the properties of plancton.

One of the most popular techniques for applying Plancton Marino in the kitchen is its use as a flavor enhancer. And if there is a star dish with this technique, that is without any discussion the seafood plancton risotto.

Today we want to share our recipe of risotto with Plancton Marino step by step, for all those who have not yet ventured to make it. On this occasion, we have opted for the squid as a star ingredient of the dish, but we emphasize that it is a “basic recipe”, which admits countless versions that we leave to your imagination.

If a virtue has risotto, it is precisely the great variety of ingredients with which it can be made, hence it suits all tastes and tastes.

Squid risotto with Plancton Marino

Preparation time: 35 minutos


Ingredients for 4 people

  • 200 gr. squid
  • 350 gr. rice arborio o carnaroli variety
  • A small onion
  • White part of a leek
  • 1 garli clove
  • 40 gr. Butter without salt
  • 50 ml. white dry wine
  • 1 l fish soup
  • Salt
  • 3 gr. plancton
  • 6 gr. of wather or fish soup to hydrated plankton

Step by step preparation

  1. Let’s start by lightly frying the finely chopped spring onion, leek and garlic in the melted butter. We will have to watch that we do not take color the vegetables.
  2. Once the scallion and leek are transparent, it will be time to raise the fire and add the squid cut into small dice, still moving, so that it is evenly squeezed, for one minute. We can detach the tips of the squid’s legs to use as decoration to serve.
  3. Then add our rice without lowering the intensity of the fire and stirring constantly for 4 minutes. We add the white wine and let it evaporate until the smell of alcohol disappears.
  4. We lower the fire and begin to gradually add our hot fish stock, stirring constantly and letting cook each shot before adding more broth. Just in the last of the stockings, we will test your salt point and correct if necessary.
  5. Hydrate the Plancton Marino in water, or in a very light fish stock, forming a paste.
  6. When the risotto is at its point, we will remove it from the fire and add the hydrated Plancton Marino, stirring vigorously to integrate it.
  7. Serve plancton risotto and garnish with some of the squid leg tips we reserve.


There have been many elaborations of exquisite risottos with plancton that we have shared in social networks in these months. Many of them are already incorporated in the letters of your restaurants and gastrobars; others have been shared by you, lovers of the cuisine and gastro-bloggers, who with a sample of Plancton Marino in your hands have done wonders, opting mostly for a dish as succulent and creamy as risotto.

Nothing better than these magnificent examples to show the versatility of this dish. Here you have several versions of the plancton marino risotto that can be found on the Internet.

Seafood Risotto with mussels and plancton from La Fábrica Restaurant.

Risotto with Plancton and Scallop One.

Seafood risotto with plancton and saffron alioli from the blog “Emplatamos”.

Risotto of plancton with zamburiñas of the blog D’Picoteo.

And here you have a delicious video-recipe of honeyed rice with marine plancton, squid and alioli from the blog Andrea CordonBleu.

An important note to finish. Plancton Marino, because of its high protein content, perfectly replaces the amalgam function that traditionally has butter in the last step of the risotto, which the Italians traditionally call “mantecar”. It will bring to our plate a creaminess and similar mellow, with all the wealth in minerals and vitamins that this new food has.

Risotto with Plancton Marino, a simple dish, which takes us just over half an hour in its execution, and which gives us all the intensity of the sea in its flavor and color.


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