Veta La Palma

The Veta la Palma estate, located in the heart of the Doñana Park (Seville), has 11,300 hectares of natural extension that constitute a true paradise. Veta la Palma, example of biodiversity, has managed to take care of the environment of the area by adding new economic and conservation values ​​based on sustainability principles.

Veta la Palma has natural resources of first level, which allows the optimal care and development of the bird fauna of the Doñana marshes. Thanks to the excellent quality of the waters of its wetlands, the aquatic avifauna, even in summer, remains in its best conditions.

In addition to beauty in its purest form, Veta la Palma has a true environmental treasure under its waters; The Marine Plancton. An innovative product that has inspired gastronomic tables such as Ángel León, the renowned Chef del Mar.

The extraordinary and unique formation of plancton in Veta la Palma in a unique environment allows us to enter a new and surprising world of gastronomic possibilities.

Veta la Palma
Angel Leon


It has been a decade since Phytoplankton Marino, S.L. (FM) began with the cultivation of marine microalgae or phytoplankton. But it was 5 years ago when work began in order to obtain authorization for a “lyophilized microalgae product” for human consumption. A challenge that was reached in March 2014, with the exclusivity of Fitoplancton Marino SL to grow and commercialize Marine Plancton.

The union of FM and the well-known Chef del Mar has been the reason why today we have all the relevant requirements for commercialization. This work, hand in hand, has served to develop a new food capable of enhancing the taste of the sea.

In 2010, Angel León presented in Madrid Fusion Marine Plancton. A novel food ingredient, the true “origin of the sea.” After its successful reception, the first legal steps to put this revolutionary product on the market began, and finally in 2011 FM presented the “Novel Food” file for the microalga T chuii in the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN).

Ángel León, on the way, continues to achieve success in successive years by winning his first Michelin star. In turn, it acquired a greater media impact, due to its appearance on the Antena 3 “Top Chef” program. This made possible a greater coverage of the multiple applications of Marine Plancton in the kitchen, making it known to all the screens.

The consumption of Planton Marino is possible thanks to the constant technological development of FM and its commitment to sustainability. As a result of this work of effort and innovation, in 2014 came the authorization of Novel Food for the cultivation and commercialization of marine microalgae in the year

In 2015, Plancton Marino is recognized as an innovative product in the Salon de Gourmets. Among about 1,000 new products that were presented at the Show, Plancton Marino is awarded the second prize of the IV Salon de Gourmets Awards in the innovation category for the investment in R + D + i of the company and the innovative character of the product.


Plancton Marino

The microalgae, also known as phytoplankton, were the first living organisms on our planet. They enriched our atmosphere with oxygen and evolved into the plants that we see today.

Today, they produce 50 % of the Earth’s oxygen and form the base of the marine food chain. They constitute a food source for zooplancton which, in turn, feed fish and crustaceans.

Phytoplankton is the origin of the food chain, in other words, the primary producer of the marine ecosystem. It is what enables the existence of all the Earth’s seas and oceans and the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere.

The scientific study of phytoplankton has revealed its high nutritious value and the many culinary possibilities that it offers. This finding led Fitoplancton Marino S.L. to begin cultivating these microalgae by imitating the conditions of the sea.

And so marine plancton was born; a novel food which enhances the unmistakable flavour of the sea in our dishes.


Fitoplancton Marino

It is a company highly endowed for the production of microalgae thanks to its advanced technological systems and highly qualified personnel.

Fitplancton Marino SL. is responsible for the Marine Plancton brand and the only company in Europe that has all the relevant health permits for the production and commercialization of the product exclusively.

FM meets the needs of aquaculture, aquarium and cosmetic markets, human nutrition, and pharmacological applications, guaranteeing the best standards of quality and experience. A firm commitment to innovation and sustainability. It also has ISO 22,000 certification for the food safety management system – Requirements for any organization in the food chain.

Plancton Marino Veta la Palma® is a food capable of making your dishes have an intense and exquisite taste of the sea in a natural and healthy way. An authentic sea flavor enhancer that allows you to experience a world of possibilities and brings creativity and innovation to countless preparations. 100% natural and vegetable, Marine Plancton is a unique food and an authentic revolution in the kitchen that you should not miss.