plancton technique

White chocolate bombons with plancton

Sweet recipe filling chocolates with a ganache of  Plancton.

Preparation time:  45 min. + cold

Medium difficulty

Units: 16 bombons



  • 200 g white chocolate cover


  • 100 g white chocolate cover
  • 125 g cream
  • 6g milk
  • 1,5 g plancton
  • Mold for chocolate bombons with shape of hemisphere

Step by step preparation

  1. Hydrate plancton with milk, reserve.
  2. To warm the cream and, when it reaches the 85ºC, to add the milk with the plancton.
  3. Mix and pour over the chocolate, emulsify with the stick and set aside in a pastry bag.
  4. On the other hand, to temper the rest of the coverage, this will depend on the type of coverage that is used.
  5. Put to water bath and heat until it reaches a temperature of 40ºC-45°C, lower to 25 °C-26°C by cooling 3 parts of it on a marble and mixing with the rest of the covering, it must rise to 29ºC-30°C.
  6. Place on the mold of the chocolates, fill and flip the contents leaving a thin layer of chocolate in the mold. Reserve the coverage and maintain the temperature.
    Let cool and fill with chocolate and plancton ganache.
  7. Cool again and cover with white chocolate icing. Let cool and unmold.

Plancton technique

Plancton techniques

plancton technique


plancton technique

plancton technique


Respect the temperature when making the ganache to prevent the grease from turning off.

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